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Associated Fire Protection supplies and installs a complete line of fire protection equipment to serve every fire and safety application. AFP can meet your needs for fire alarm and detection, monitoring, and emergency evacuation/notification systems for all commercial and industrial facilities. For the special hazard situation, fire and gas monitoring systems are available for detection of all types of combustible, toxic, and noxious gases. In keeping with the latest technologies, AFP also now provides explosion prevention and suppression systems and equipment for many applications.

Associated Fire Protection specializes in all types of fire suppression systems, including FM-200®, Argonite®, NOVEC™ 1230 (Dry Water), Low & High Pressure Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and Water Mist systems. AFP supplies equipment and pumps for all types of fire sprinkler systems, including wet & dry pipe, pre-action, deluge, fixed spray, and foam systems. Additionally, AFP provides handheld and portable fire extinguisher and kitchen hood suppression systems.

Associated Fire Protection has performed work globally and supplies equipment approved by many international certification and listing agencies. Fire system equipment provided by AFP includes fire alarm & detection, gas detection, and fire suppression systems. AFP supplies equipment approved by UL/FM (North America & Others), CE/ATEX (European Union), CQST (China), GOST-R (Russia), SAA (Australia) and more. Contact Associated Fire Protection today and let us help you meet your fire protection needs.

Analog Addressable / Networkable Panels

Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels utilize intelligent fire alarm devices to indicate the exact point where a fire has been protected. These panels are great for medium to very large applications where one needs to locate a fire quickly without having to waste time investigating over large areas.


Conventional Panels

Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panels utilize zone coverage to monitor sections of a given facility. These panels are good for small buildings or areas in which fires are easily located when emergency responders investigate the building sector in alarm.



Voice Evacuation and Mass Notification

Additional equipment is also advantageous in large buildings to direct occupants to a safe location in the event of an emergency. Voice evacuation systems utilize fire alarm speakers to notify occupants of a fire and provide egress instructions. Mass notification systems can be used to provide occupants with useful information. In addition to fire evacuation messages, mass notification systems can direct occupants safely during other emergencies such as tornado or inclement weather, or they can be used to make general announcements.

Industrial Fire & Gas Control Systems are best utilized in harsh environments or special hazard applications, such as Power Generation Facilities, Industrial Oil/Gas Pumping Plants, Off-Shore Rigs & Remote Locations, and many other applications. These systems are capable of operating numerous fire suppression systems simultaneously. Additionally, Industrial Fire & Gas Control Systems are available to monitor and provide alarms for all types of combustible, toxic, and noxious gases. AFP offers the following solutions:

ATEX Explosion ProtectionProtectowire® Fire SystemsDet-TronicsOnGuard® Industrial Fire/Gas Systems

Graphical Computer Workstation

Graphical Computer Workstations are able to monitor building & facility fire systems from a single, centralized location. These systems are ideal for many commercial and industrial applications, such as large buildings or industrial plants that are spread out over a large area. A Graphical Computer Workstation can monitor one system or can be expanded to monitor multiple, separate fire systems. These systems provide CAD generated plans and elevations to better assist facility managers in troubleshooting faults and greatly assist emergency responders in determining the exact location of the fire emergency.

Customized Led Display Board

Customized LED Display Boards are used to assist building & facility managers in locating faults or to assist firefighters in locating the source and location of a fire. LED display boards are 100% customizable by the owner with regard to look, size, and function. These systems utilize LED lamps to indicate various conditions within the building on a customized background. Associated Fire Protection will coordinate with the owner to determine the best design for your fire system. Controlled by the building or facility fire control system, an LED display board can be used to show whether smoke dampers are in the correct position for a smoke management system under various conditions, or they can be utilized to show which zone of a building has detected a fire to better assist emergency responders in the protection of life and property.

Surveillance and Active Monitoring

AFP offers the following survelillance and active monitoring systems. Click on each to learn more.


**We also offer Digital Controller Interface

Fire Sprinkler

AFP offers the following fire sprinkler products:

Portable & Kitchen Protection Equipment

AFP offers the follwing portable and kitchen fire protection products:

Handheld Fire ExtinguishersKitchen Exhaust Hood SystemsWe also offer:

Explosion Prevention & Protection Systems

Explosion Prevention & Protection Systems are designed to detect small increases in the carbon monoxide (CO) within a processing system. These systems are able to detect very small CO changes that occur due to early stage, incipient fires. Upon detection, the explosion protection system can prevent a sequence of events leading to an explosion. Should the need arise, fast-acting explosion suppression apparatuses within the process system will actuate to eliminate or reduce damages due to this type of catastrophic event.

ATEX Explosion Protection

Certification / Listing Agencies

Associated Fire Protection provides fire protection services in the United States and across the globe. For this reason, AFP supplies equipment with a variety of approvals from international certification/listing agencies. Below are some of the certifications AFP holds across the world:

Click here to contact an AFP representative with inquires about certifications not listed here.